The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a program that provides a fixed amount of funding to Maine each year from the federal government. Based on the most current projections, we will not be able to guarantee payment for processed applications taken after 5:00PM on March 1, 2024. HEAP has now used over 75% of the funds available and has additional applications in the pipeline that we expect will use the remaining funds. We will make every effort to provide assistance to eligible applicants who submit a completed application by the deadline, but cannot guarantee that assistance will be available.

If you need assistance after the deadline, please apply and we will keep a waiting list should there be funding available. We will work through the pipeline as quickly as possible, but please know that assistance is not guaranteed.

To apply, please call us to schedule an appointment:  

207-795-4065 or 207-743-7716

TTY Relay: Dial 711 to connect to a Maine Relay Operator