Expressing Gratitude for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Tegan, an Emergency Rental Assistance customer, recently shared her appreciation for the program and the customer service she and her family received during their application process.

Tegan explained that it took about a month for her family’s application to be processed, but the Rent Relief Specialist she worked with was extremely responsive to any questions or concerns they had over those few weeks. When they were approved, Tegan was surprised to learn they would be receiving help to pay for their light bill too.

“I literally broke down. It was like $500, you know? That’s an extra $500 in our pocket to get food,” she explained.

Tegan lives with her husband and two children and said just before they received the news, she had told her husband that she wasn’t sure what they were going to do about their bills. When she learned they were approved not only for rent, but for their light bill as well, she couldn’t contain her relief.

“I broke down. I called Brett right after and said they’re paying the lights too. It’s really relieving. Stress relieving.”

Tegan said she and her family had been hesitant about asking for help, but after her experience, she hopes no one else feels that way.

“I would say, don’t be too ashamed to ask for help.”