Meeting Goals with CCFC

December 27, 2022


After working with Community Concepts Finance Corporation (CCFC) over the last several months, Mr. Mustafa Maalim of Lewiston received a loan from CCFC in December to purchase a commercial building on Lisbon Street for his business, the Dayah Store. The loan will allow Mr. Maalim to transition his business of 10 years to a permanent location (vs. a leased location) and to build assets.

“At first, I tried a bank, and the bank declined me,” Mr. Maalim shared. “And then Community Concepts helped me and worked with me. And I highly recommend others to go with Community Concepts.”

CCFC Business Advisor Paul Beaudette, pictured above with Mr. Maalim, was a critical component of Mr. Maalim’s success story. Since Mr. Maalim was first referred to CCFC in August, Paul has helped him over more than 100 hours, assisting with financial record keeping, the loan application process, and more.

"I can’t thank him enough," said Mr. Maalim.

The Dayah Store will be moving to 240 Lisbon Street, just a few doors down from its leased location. The store sells groceries and other products, including clothing and cell phones.

“He’s going to continue his business there and hopefully it will grow,” said Paul, who also shared he’s most enjoyed learning about Mr. Maalim’s past experiences and family, and that he will continue working with Mr. Maalim as his business expands.

“We keep working with them after they get their loan,” he said of CCFC’s lending clients. “To give them advice and coach them along.”

Congrats to Mr. Maalim and the CCFC team!